H2O is working with Wigan Council, who are the landowner,  to bring forward a regeneration around the Wigan Pier Quarter. 

H2O Role:

  • H2O will act as lead developer working with Wigan Council to secure occupier interest, seek planning and build out what will become known as The Wigan Pier Quarter.
  • Across a number of sites around Wigan Pier there are opportunities for new retail, leisure, residential and commercial development.

Waterway Wins:

    • Bring back life to this world famous location.
    • Protection of redundant historic buildings.
    • Receipt from land and profit for reinvestment into the waterways.
    • New linkages around Wigan Pier.
    • New moorings and associated facilities.

Landowner Wins:

    • Wigan Council work with H2O to deliver its key regeneration objectives.
    • Wigan Council achieve revenue from land receipts and by participating as developer.

Plans for Phase 1 are being developed and the aim is to be on site in 2016.

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